At Maxum Cranes, no matter how big or small the job, safety is priority one. We make sure every lift is preplanned to eliminate all possible risk on the job site. Our safety record since we began running Maxum in 1999 is impeccable, and we are always in good standing with Worksafe B.C. We carry 5 million dollar liability insurance as well as hook insurance to insure your load when on our cranes. All large scale lifts are planned out by Glenn or Ivan, using Compu-Crane to be sure there is nothing missed, and the job goes well. Our experienced certified operators inspect the cranes at the beginning of each shift, as well as annual D.O.T inspections and annual N.D.T. performed by Metec Inspections. We have safety meetings at our yard as well as at your site, and comply with your in house policies. Our goal is to continue to keep our safety record second to none.


Maxum Cranes is also a big player in the Vancouver film industry. From 1983, when it was D & D Crane & Sorensen Crane, till present we have worked on over 180 feature films, & television shows, as well as many commercials. In that time we have worked with special effects, stunts, lighting, camera, rigging grips, & construction of sets, assisting in the safety of the actors & crew. Working with Act Safe, we make sure all crane work is looked after in a dependable & competent manner.