Maxum Crane Rentals Ltd. supplies mobile cranes with certified operators to anyone that needstight-squeeze a lift from Hope to Whistler, B.C. We work on the Vancouver & North Shore Waterfront as well as Fraser River industries maintaining and repairing all types of ship loaders & conveyors, as well as working in chemical plants & refineries throughout the lower mainland. We do many specialty lifts as well, from large generator enclosures, to transformers and heavy machinery lifts on & off trucks. If you need an air conditioner hoisted onto the roof of a building or some trees or a hot tub lifted over a house we can do it.

Lifting 80ft. boathouse into waterOn the construction side, we do steel erection, build bridges, and move concrete forms around your job site. We also supply the cranes to smaller house building projects to install beams & trusses.

Need a lift? Give us a call.